Empower Program

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Empower Program

We believe the best way to Empower people, is to believe in them. Believing in people is Empowering them. When we do this, we see change. We believe that many of the resources needed to change the culture of our community already exist. What’s been missing is the someone to bridge the gap. That is where Empower comes in, we are here to help clients with employment, education, and life skills. CFS provides the Empower Program to our six surrounding counties: Adams, Blackford, Huntington, Jay, Randolph and Wells.

What is the Empower Program?

The Empower Program is a 1-year program that focuses on 3 primary areas. The first area is Employment - Building partnerships with businesses and others to increase career opportunities for low-wage workers and job-seekers, as well as the pool of workers with skills that employers seek. The second area is Education - Expanding access to post-secondary education and skills training for adults and youth. The third area is Encouragement - We comment to walking along side you during our program to help with any challenge that might arise.

How do I apply?

Submit your application by applying here or complete Online @ CFS Empower Program Application and all required documents are to be mailed in to the address:

Empower Community & Family Services, Inc.
PO Box 108
Hartford City, IN 47348

You will need to provide the following documentation when submitting your application:

What are the income limit requirements?

Persons in Family/Household

Max Income




















Hartford City Office (Blackford, Jay, Randolph)
2101 N Walnut St
Hartford City, IN 47348

Monday-Thursday 8:00am - 3:00 pm

Appointment Required
Phone: (765) 330-2701
Email: tkaufman@comfam.org

Decatur Office (Adams, Huntington, Wells)
1109 S Dayton St
Decatur, IN 46733

Wednesday 9:00am - Noon

Appointment Required
Phone: (765) 330-2701
Email: kwhitesell@comfam.org

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