Silver Lining

Silver Lining is a program exclusive to Blackford County. It is run completely by volunteers with donations and grants.  

The goal of Silver Lining is to better the physical, intellectual, and emotional health of families in Blackford County. Silver Lining is working to accomplish this huge feat is by awarding families for attending appointments, participating in programs, and being active in their children’s lives.


When families attend appointments with some of the local doctors, dentists, and eye doctors or participate in programs like WIC, Healthy Families, and Born to Learn or take their kids to the library or family movie night; they earn coupons for Silver Lining. The store is open once a month on the second Saturday from 9 to noon at the First Presbyterian Church in Hartford City. Families bring their earned coupons to redeem them for items for their children. Silver Lining stocks new and used items that are focused on children 5 and under. We have everything from underwear and socks to diapers and wipes to shampoo and toothbrushes to toddler beds and potty chairs.  We also have some maternity clothes and adult healthcare items.  

Money is not exchanged at Silver Lining. Everything is bought with earned coupons. Silver Lining is funded through grants and donations and all the work comes from volunteers.  

Silver Lining had its 5 year anniversary in November of 2015. It has a Facebook page at Silver Lining of Hartford City and is always accepting monetary donations and donations of new and very gently used children’s items and maternity clothes. 

Silver Lining is here to help families while they are bettering their health. Healthier families within a community makes for a healthier community.