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Head Start-

Our mission at Head Start is to encourage eligible 3-5 year old children and their families to experience growth, using a variety of comprehensive services and dedicated professional staff. We will strive to build self-esteem, academics and social skills, remembering that all people are unique and special.

Energy Assistance Program (EAP)

Energy Assistance Program (EAP) provides financial assistance to low-income households (at or below 150% poverty level) to maintain utility services during the winter heating season. During cold winter months, this program helps prevent utility companies from shutting off home, residential service to low-income households during moratorium. During hot summer months, EAP provides limited funds for cooling expenses. EAP is provided in all 6 counties.

Women, Infants & Children (WIC)

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children known as WIC is a public health nutrition program that offers breastfeeding education and support, referrals, nutrition education, and supplemental nutritious foods to those who qualify. Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding up to a year after delivery, or non-breastfeeding up to 6 months after delivery, along with infants and children until they turn 5 years old are all potentially eligible for the program. WIC’s income guidelines are 185% above the poverty level so many working families still qualify for the program.

Clients set an appointment and bring proof of ID, address, and income to determine their eligibility. Every client meets with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) or Registered Nurse (RN) to establish their nutritional need and for one-on-one educational counseling. Clients are referred to other programs that may be beneficial like Medicaid, Healthy Families, smoking cessation, doctor, etc. The RDN or RN builds a supplemental food package for each client and issues vouchers that are redeemed at WIC approved stores throughout Indiana. Clients return about every 3 months for nutrition education and food voucher issuance, but a certification typically lasts a year.


The CFS Weatherization Department provides energy conservation measures and education to low-income Hoosiers every day. Weatherization reduces energy costs for low-income families by improving the efficiency of their homes. Cost-effective measures to reduce home energy consumption are installed in hot and cold climates. Typical measures include performing tune-ups and repairs to heating and cooling systems, replacing appliances to improve efficiency and safety, installing insulation, reducing air infiltration, and replacing incandescent lighting with compact fluorescent bulbs.

Weatherization workers also address energy-related health and safety conditions, particularly carbon monoxide and combustion safety. Weatherization prioritizes services to the elderly, persons with disabilities, and families with children under the age of 18. Services are delivered to single-family homes, multi-family dwellings and mobile homes. Weatherization clients save $1.65 in energy-related benefits for every $1 invested in the program.

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

The HCV program is a Federal program from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Community and Family Services HCV Department adheres to Federal rules and guidelines in administering the program in our seven county areas. Clients may apply for services at designated times throughout the year. Applicants and then placed on a waiting list and selected based on matrix points when needed. The application process does not guarantee acceptance into the program. In some cases, there may be a delay of a year or longer before a name is pulled from the waiting list.

Once a name is pulled from the waiting list, background checks are conducted and other required information is verified. Rental assistance is based on income and need. HCV prioritizes services to the elderly, persons with disabilities, and families with children under the age of 18.

Food Pantry

Our Food Pantries are locally funded and provide food and paper products to individuals/families in need of household assistance. We currently have food pantries in both Blackford and Jay Counties. Support and funding for the food pantries are provided through our advisory councils, our local thrift stores, churches, service organizations, community groups and individuals, as well as through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Commodity Program.

The Food Pantries allow clients to come one time every 30 days to receive food. Our pantries are run on a system called “client choice” where the client is actually allowed to choose their own food options just as they would in a grocery store.

Thrift Store

Our CFS Thrift Stores consist of clothing, housing items and grocery products from cleaning supplies to food and drink to toiletries. These items are donated by community members, organizations and wholesale/retail outlets for tax deductions. Proceeds from these sales are used for client emergency assistance and other local projects. Our stores are located in both Blackford and Jay Counties.

Blight Elimination Program (BEP)

Blighted, vacant and abandoned homes are a serious issue for Indiana homeowners, neighborhoods and communities. Sadly, the State of Indiana has the dubious distinction of having the highest percentage of abandoned foreclosed homes in the country. RealtyTrac and 24/7 Wall Street are reporting that roughly 30% of Indiana’s foreclosed homes are abandoned. This means that due to foreclosure alone, 5,000 blighted and abandoned homes are negatively impacting Indiana homeowners and neighborhoods by reducing property values. Blighted properties also serve as a drain on municipal resources. Many Indiana communities lack the resources necessary to address this growing issue alone.

The State of Indiana, through IHCDA, is using of a portion of Indiana’s Hardest Hit Funds to demolish blighted and abandoned homes that are beyond repair. The goal is not simply to demolish abandoned homes, but to stabilize property values in Indiana communities. The partnership between IHCDA and Indiana municipalities allow communities to demolish blighted properties and offer a variety of end uses for the newly cleared properties including green space and redevelopment. The demolition of abandoned and blighted homes will be a significant step toward rebuilding Hoosier communities.

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Silver Lining

Silver Lining is a program exclusive to Blackford County. It is run completely by volunteers with donations and grants.

The goal of Silver Lining is to better the physical, intellectual, and emotional health of families in Blackford County. Silver Lining is working to accomplish this huge feat is by awarding families for attending appointments, participating in programs, and being active in their children’s lives.

When families attend appointments with some of the local doctors, dentists, and eye doctors or participate in programs like WIC, Healthy Families, and Born to Learn or take their kids to the library or family movie night; they earn coupons for Silver Lining. The store is open once a month on the second Saturday from 9 to noon at the First Presbyterian Church in Hartford City. Families bring their earned coupons to redeem them for items for their children.

Silver Lining stocks new and used items that are focused on children 5 and under. We have everything from underwear and socks to diapers and wipes to shampoo and toothbrushes to toddler beds and potty chairs. We also have some maternity clothes and adult healthcare items.

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Our Services in Blackford County

Our Thrift Store has been expanded again in January and February 2015 by adding another room. The Thrift store is open to every one where you can buy non perishable food, household cleaning supplies, and clothing. The proceeds of the Thrift store support the needs of the Food Pantry to purchase meats and other products that are needed to round out the items provided free to those that qualify. The Thrift store also supports other programs of Community & Family Services, Inc. 

Enter the Thrift store through the door on the porch.

Enter the Energy Assistance, Food Pantry and WIC offices through the West door.

Locations, Hours & Contact Information


1015 W. Washington St. 
Hartford City IN 47348

(765) 348-0744


Head Start

Hartford City Head Start
Hartford City Middle School
820 W. Van Cleve St.
Hartford City, IN 47348
Hartford 3: Nikki: (765) 348-1454
Nikki's cell: (260) 251-0913

WIC Approved Stores

Coffels Family Market
580 South Main Street
Montpelier, Indiana 47359

Needler's Market
1711 North Walnut
Hartford City, Indiana 47348

1817 North Walnut
Hartford City, Indiana 47348

WIC Office

Blackford County WIC Office is located at 1015 West Washington Street in Hartford City. The clinic is open on odd Wednesdays of the month and every Thursday from 9:00am to noon and 1:00pm to 4:30 except for the 1st Thursday of each month for late night which is 11:30am to 2:00 and 3:00pm to 7:00. Clients are served by appointment. The office can be reached at 765-348-0744 or The fax is 765-348-0748.

The office is primarily staffed with Registered Dietitian Nutritionists who can help you learn not only basic nutrition, but also special dietary needs like gestational diabetes. Our Intake Specialist has over 10 years of experience with WIC.

Blackford County has a very experienced Breastfeeding Peer Counselor on staff.  Sarah McClain has breastfeed two children of her own in addition to attending multiple lactation trainings through her position with WIC. She has been a Peer Counselor with WIC for over 1.5 years.  Sarah is enthusiastic about helping other women breastfeed successfully.  She is available on Thursday mornings in the office and 24 hours a day by phone or text at 260-388-4225.

If desired, the office also offers a breastfeeding room that has a recliner and couch for comfortable, private breastfeeding experience. We encourage involvement of breastfeeding mothers in the Breastfeeding Mothers of Blackford County facebook group. Blackford County WIC has a 72.6% breastfeeding initiation rate!

The Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who staff the Blackford County office can perform free pregnancy testing.

Blackford County WIC is a Silver Lining coupon distributor.

Director: Amanda Slentz

Hours: 1st, 3rd & 5th Wednesday 9am-4:30pm
1st Thursday– 11:30am-2pm and 3pm-7pm
Rest of the Thursdays 9am-12pm and 1pm-4:30pm

Phone: (765) 348-0744
Fax: (765) 348-0748

Energy Assistance, Food Pantry, & Thrift Store

CSS: Julie Glancy

Energy Assistance: 
Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

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To learn more about Energy Assistance Click Here

Food Pantry: 
Montpelier     Monday- 9am-4pm (lunch 12:30-1:00)
Hartford City  Tuesday- 10am-4pm; Friday- 8am-2pm (lunch 12:30-1:00)

Thrift Store: 
Monday- Closed
Tuesday-Thursday 9am-4pm
Friday 9am-2:30pm