Since 1965, Community & Family Services, Inc., a private not-for profit corporation, has provided assistance and advocacy for low-income residents of Adams, Blackford, Huntington, Jay, Randolph and Wells Counties. The purpose of Community & Family Services assistance is to help individuals experiencing economic distress to become independent and self-sufficient.

Our Leadership

  G. Andrew Glentzer

G. Andrew Glentzer

Community and Family Services agency strives to follow our mission of "Empowering People to Improve". Much of our organization's direction aligns with our Executive Board and communities' vision and needs. As the Executive Director of this organization my charge is to work to find ways of making the visions become goals of our agency. We then work to accomplish these goals so we can assist more people in need work toward self-sufficiently.

The last fifty years our agency has worked with State and Federal grants to accomplish these goals. As grants become more and more restrictive, we need other revenue sources to accomplish these goals. Although we continue to work with our grant side of our financing, we have begun to explore non-grant funding or more commonly known as unrestricted funds. The unrestricted funds allow us to meet several community needs that were not possible to reach through restrictive grant driven funds. As we continue to increase our funding streams, we expect to help more and more people in need to be able to become self-sufficient through employment and education. 

We are partnering with more than one hundred different agencies throughout our six counties to work together and make our communities a better place to live. With the help of our communities, we expect a bright future for Community and Family Services where we are able to help people help themselves. Thank you to all our employees, advisory boards, and volunteers that work tirelessly to empower people to improve the lives of their families and themselves.